Thank you cards – round 2 

Hey hey hey, how you all doing?

Today I thought I’d share with you some thank you cards I made for my brother’s teachers, and do like a quick tutorial. You could make them into cards for any occassions really.

This card is made by cutting out a window shape at the front of the card. Then find a piece of wallpaper that looks good behind the window, trim it to fit and glue it in nicely. Glue in a few sequins and gems at the front for detail and you’re done.

This card is also made by cutting out a window shape at the front of the card. Then find a piece of wallpaper that looks good behind the window, trim it to fit and glue it in nicely. Cut out a rectangular strip of plain material (I chose a bumpy texture wallpaper) and write your message on it before sticking it on slightly above the bottom edge of the card.

Okay, so this one is probably my least favourite card. It looks a bit ew but I’m sure you’ll all add a twist which will make it look beautiful. I think my handwriting spoilt it. Anyways, to the method.

You can either cut out or draw and colour in your own butterflies. Fold the card so that it is not 50/50 but more 40/60 so that when the card stands up the back inside page is also visible (if that makes sense). 

Cut out a strip of material and stick in vertically down the visible back inside page so that when it stands up the strip is visible. I opted for a glittery white strip.

Take your butterflies and position them as you wish – some should hover over the strip you added in when the card stands up – and glue then down in the middle so that thw wings can flutter about.

Begin by folding your card into half. In the middle of the card’s front, draw a rectangle. Now select a patterned wallapaper, and a plain card colour to work with. Cut out equally sized strips of rectangles of which the length is the same as your rectangle. Now glue down the patterned strip then the plain strip of vice versa. For the bottom, choose a different textured material and cut a strip the width of your rectangle then paste it on the bottom edge of your rectangle. Finally, you can add some gems or sequins to make it sparkle!

This is my favourite card by far. I’ll  probably be doing repeats of this card style in the future.

Fold an A4 piece of card in half. This card will be vertically standing. Next find a wallpaper or magazine background of your liking and glue it to the card’s front and trim around it. On a separate piece of card, draw your Manga character. You can personalise your features (eyes, mouth, hair) to suit the occassion. Bear in mind you will have to draw the Manga in a way so that the chestline fits perfectly with the width of the card, but the bits of the hair and ears pop off the card. Outline the features of your Manga in a black marker. Now colour in your Manga character using colour pencils. For the finishing touch, glue your Manga onto your card, and voila you’re done.

I hope this tutorial was somewhat helpful in sparking some creative ideas. I know I use a lot of wallpaper in my cards, but it can be so useful at times for a quick design, or when you’re not feeling confident about your drawing skills. If you’re wondering how I got a massive supply of wallpaper, it happened like this: I have a small alcove or whatever you call it in my room where my table is. Anyways, I wanted to wallpaper that tiny section to be different from my green walls just cause, and we went to a store to pick up some wallpaper. Since you never know what looks good in your room (or maybe that’s just me being so indecisive) you can take samples home. I ended up taking a lot of samples home cause there were so many awesome wallpapers.And now I use them for art minus the one that victoriously earned a place on my wall.

Thank you for stopping by. Keep smiling x


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