Ten reasons to live a little

1) IT MAKES YOU MORE ALIVE, your skin is rosier, your happiness is flourishing, and you are learning.

2) YOU TAKE RISKS which teach you the meaning of good judgement.

3) YOU STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE even if it means faking confidence because now you know you can do it.

4) THE THRILL motivates you to explore beyond what is expected.

5) YOU’RE DONE WITH THE LIES and see the world through your eyes.

6) YOU ARE FREE FROM BEING DEPENDANT as you are your own person falling apart like a house of cards yet building yourself back up like the trees in the storm.

7) YOU BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND THAT FAILING is acceptable because how else are you meant to define what works and what doesn’t?

8) LIFE IS MORE EXCITING and you tend to follow the how to guide less religiously.

9) YOU FORGET TO HATE the world as you become captivated – enhanced by the goodness you discover in it.

10) ONCE YOUR IMAGINATION is unleashed, you become self aware of your capability and realise you can conquer the world.


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