A day out after forever 

It’s been a while since we all did a family outing owing to work, school, exams, family ect. But yesterday we all went out as family to a National Trust property. (Seriously you guys should invest in a membership – the places are amazing!)

Anyways we began off at West Wycombe Hill which is a massive hill you can climb and meander as you wish. At the top is a church. Nearby, literally near the bottom of the hill, is Hellfire Caves which is a network of underground tunnels and caves. There is also West Wycombe House which is surrounded by more greenery, lakes and flowers.

Anyways since we’ve been here before, we settled for a walk in the hills. I had my camera with me and took way too many photographs of flowers as well as sneaky shots of family – especially my brother who is too impatient to pose for the camera when out and about. I guess he caught it from me since my mum has a hard time persuading me to pause and smile for the camera sometimes.

We then went for a walk in the little village of West Wycombe. The houses were so adorable. I didn’t take any pictures since the houses had windows sitting on street level. I remember looking through one since it was beautifully paved and jumping as I realised someone was sitting on the other side. Me and my mum saw a sweet shop which I casually took an awful picture off. It reminded me of the sweet shop in one of Roahl Dahl’s novels. The one with the gobblestoppers.

We arrived home, and then me, my brother and my dad decided to go cycling in the woods near our houses. I really enjoyed myself as the wind blew my hair back as we raced down hills. In addition, since it was getting close to 6pm, there were far fewer dogs, and you literally had the whole woods to yourself.

To conclude, I had a wonderful day out yesterday. I loved being able to wander around in nature; I loved being able to forget about important stuff for a while and focus on capturing the flower petals before it moved in the wind, or pedalling faster up a hill.

What’s your favourite nature place to go to?


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