recipe for friendship

A drizzle of sweetness
A foundation of support
A pinch of forgiveness
A spoon of tears
A glazing of trust
A filling of memories
A sparkle of fun
A dollop of love
A dressing of warmth
A decorative piece of banter
A topping of thought
A drazzle of understanding
A dough of joy
A mix of communication
A crumb of dependence
And a batter(ring) of sorrow

Serves a slice of real friendship.


Good friends don’t care if they’re invading your privacy – they’ll only go away when you’re smiling with happiness.


Be that friend.


Real friends know how to pull you back up when your struggling to hang on, because they know who you are, and what you’re going through.


Good friends never define friendship by how many times you’ve seen each other or talked in a single day.


And that’s because you’ve found yourself a real friend.


Your real friends are always in your heart, and you know that when something reminds you of them instinctively in your daily life routine.

What’s your recipe for friendship?


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