The handwriting tag

I was nominated by my amazing blogger friend Anna to do this tag; thank you so much! You should all check her blog out – it’s so bubbly and fun looking.

These are the rules:

1. Write your name

2. Write your blog name

3. Write your favourite word and its definition

4. Write something nice

5. Write the name of your favourite song right now

6. What’re you writing with

7. Write a fun fact about yourself

8. Write/draw your favourite emoticon

9. Write a silly message

10. Write who you’re tagging

And here are my answers. The wonkiness is annoying me but hey it could have been worse.

– Plethoric Thoughts 

– Misstery blog

–  Laura Bei

 Just Average Teen Me 

– Thinking and Inking

Sav the Lion

– Eccentric Girl 14

– The Veaunic 

– Chloe Lauren 


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