A sign not to be ignored

Do Not Enter – a sign not to be ignored.


Like the adventurous, curiosity spiked girl I am, I decided to venture into grounds which were clearly forbidden by the jaggered lettering of “Do Not Enter.” The blunt, rude tone of that phrase always left me yearning to know why. Why would you highlight that fact to a passer-by who possibly thrives on meddling, snapping and prying? Not that I partake in any criminal activities, other than the occasional ignoring of warning signs commanding me to not enter. All which result in an incredibly bored me leaving an abandoned barn or shed which didn’t live up to my wild imagination of the possibilities hidden behind the Do Not Enter sign.

That was how I found myself trailing my hand along the wooden panelling of the door, in hopes of exposing a weak point. The distant yapping of dogs forced me to be hasty. Tripping over my laces, cursing in the process, I stumbled roughly against the death cold knob, just as a flashlight skimped its presence over me. Sighing in disappointment, I raised my hands expectantly, waiting patiently for the flashlight to tauntingly rediscover me. It was then I felt a blistering warmth hit my back, as the door gave way. I swear I felt a hand – something – yank me in by my sweater!

As the adrenaline surged through me, I came to my sense slamming the door rapidly behind me. I clenched my fists, wincing at my stupidity, waiting for the loud bang to echo throughout the small meadow, but alas, none came. Creeped out, I slowly swivelled around, tugging at my sweater owing to the sudden yet drastic change in temperature. Unlike the frantic messages my common sense was screaming at me, I searched wonderingly into the looming darkness, as the wooden door tranquilly closed with a gentle wham, effectively cutting me off from civilisation.

I decided to pacify my inquisitively wandering mind by beginning to put one size five foot infront of the other. As I became more confident that I was alone, my pace began to pick up. The ash black that had originally encompassed my eye sight had now begun to filter out into a more rusty sepia tone. Suddenly I lurched forward. Wildly grasping for something to steady my balance, my poor hands scraped against harsh flooring, but the pain accompanied in my backside as I tumbled down irregularly intervalled stairs had yelps squeezing out of my vocals.

After what I could only describe as a hiccup of a ride, I sat there squirming at the prickles of pain running through my nervous system. Slowly I stood up, almost falling as my left leg cramped up. My eyes immediately leapt to a source of light lingering far away. Mentally, I scolded myself for my careless approach as I assessed the distance. But that was before the wailing began. . .

I stood there frozen. Frozen in repulsion at the sickeningly eerie wails of voices calling out names. Names of people I knew. Heart hammering, chest constricting, pulse pumping, I began running. As I ran I saw flickers of photographs pasted on the walls; they were faded, just like lost memories. My fear heightened as I heard rustlings behind, causing me to apprehensively crane my head. That’s all it took for me to faceplant into the floor. Head pounding at the robust impact, I managed to scramble around urgently to get up. However, my fluttering limbs faltered when I recognised my face staring back at me from the wall.

I willed myself to remain strong. I willed myself to fearfully clamber closer, all the while ready to leg it to goodness knows where. Straining my eyes to clarify my seeings, my courage shrivelled as I witnessed the shadows shift behind me. The shadows almost resembled a bony finger reaching out to pick its next meal – that’s when it hit me. I was staring passively at a mirror reflection! And that’s when my insides transformed into melting ice cream.

Feet thud-thudding, voices wail-wailing, shadows sneakily shifting, I sprinted into the opening presented by the soft glow of the battered lantern. My head exploded as my eyes on reflex filled with tears at the forceful collision. Not giving a damn about my agony, I blindly stumbled around for a gap. I felt trapped – enclosed into a small enclosure. That’s when the lantern  flickered out. It’s death represented my withering hope. Four walls caged me in, the voices hunted me, the humidity baked me, and the pain was killing me gradually. I couldn’t find the strength within me to limp to the only door. And then, the door slammed shut!


Hey! Thank you so much for reading my short story. I hope that it kept you on edge or at the very least was worth the read.  Who do you think slammed and opened the door? And yanked the girl in?

On another note THANK YOU SO MUCH for 100 followers! I really appreciate every follower, and can’t say enough thanks for everyone who stops by every post. You’re all so supportive and amazing! That’s just wow for me. Like I never expected this response and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you supporting me. Keep smiling ~

An infinity of thanks


5 thoughts on “A sign not to be ignored

  1. Kate says:

    If I allowed myself to be anywhere near as adventurous as the girl, I’m probably abducted by some aliens by now.
    Anyway, congrats on reaching the 100! You totally deserve it 🙌🎉

    Liked by 1 person

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