Blogger’s Waltz with Stranger Danger


Blogging is a rewarding experience as it lets you create new friendships even if they may be virtual. But a virtual friendship doesn’t have to lack the ingredients that go into a real friendship!

At the same time, I have to pause here to sadly remind you that there are evil people in this world who like giving themselves false identities in order to maintain fake friendships where they are only trying to lure you closer to them to satisfy their immoral needs. So please, please be careful and do not answer or reply to any questions  that you are not comfortable with. I’m afraid that’s one of the cons bloggers will have to familiarise themselves with – not every screen hides a moral heart.

I like blogging because it allows me to express my opinions and have them questioned. I personally find portraying my thoughts through written text much more comfortable than verbally speaking which I am not as confident with. I like being able to use words to evoke pathos with strangers I’ve never met, and to be able to communicate my thoughts across to you without opening my mouth. I don’t have to worry about whether I’m conveying the right tone, whether my facial expressions aren’t too forced, and whether my expressions are correct because unlike real-time talk, I can hit the backspace as I write. For me, blogging is a way you can engage actively with whatever you are passionate with because your followers only follow you because they are genuinely intrigued by your posts.

If you’re sitting here with the seed of desire – the desire to have this blogger audience – think up a blog name and begin typing. . .let your words reel in your audience and let the haters worry about your popularity. Success isn’t determined by the number of fans you have; instead it’s determined by whether you have positively influenced and impacted someone’s life.

This post is dedicated to the inspiring bloggers I’ve met and become good friends with. Please check out their blogs because I will begin reblogging my favourites posts of theirs soon, so don’t be hesitant to click follow because in my opinion they all have something worthwhile to share whether it is laughter, warmth, advice, personal stories,life hacks, beauty tips, poems or random rants! In fact I’d even go as far to declare they make up #TeamAWESOME

And the great thing about blogging is that this list of virtual supporters will keep expanding overtime. Slow and steady wins the race in life whereas speed makes it hard to keep your ambitions in focus cause you’re cruising by at 90 mph. (Or well that’s my interpretation)

Why do you blog?


4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Waltz with Stranger Danger

  1. Elm says:

    I blog for pretty much the same reason as you. I want to meet people, expand my experiences and grow as a person. Bloging’s really helped with that. That was such a butiful and relatable post 🙂

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