blanket of warmth

Friendship is a blanket of warmth. It is a security code providing you with the assurance that you’re safe. It can be the kites prancing in the wind openly with no regrets. But only if you believe in the friendship you have.

I understand how difficult it can be to open up to your close friends about x, y and z you’d rather shove off a cliff; however, if it is something that is troubling you on a daily basis, it is better you take the plunge and feel the warmth, than feel the cold as the doors slam shut, barring you from complete happiness. I’m a hypocrite advising this – I’ll be the first to admit – but friendship can provide you with so much support.

Sometimes we feel emotions that drag us down. Sometimes we feel pride that we would like to share with someone. And other times, we feel lost, helpless and unsure of ourselves. At times like that, the quirkiness of a good friend can make you smile, the genuine concern can make you feel loved, and the tears pooling in your eyes can stream down together with your friend. Most importantly, a compassionate hug can comfort you – knowing you have your best friend by your side can boost your esteem greatly.

After all, a good friend will always be on the look out for you, yet still try to give you your breathing space. And if they seem to be invading your personal bubble, it’s only because they’re worried about you – they want to be there for you but don’t know how.Through the course of your friendship, they’ll be a mother figure, an immature sibling, a competitive opponent, an encouraging friend, and a confidential counsellor where things do indeed stay top secret. Likewise, you yourself will be giving the same support without realising it. That’s why great friendships are great – the love is genuine.

And if your friend isn’t any of these qualities, then you haven’t found yourself a good friend. A friend will always respect you even if they are fighting with you. They may stoop as low to call you a bitch, but they won’t stoop down to reveal all your insecurities and personal issues. They may ignore you, give you the death stare, but if they see someone else giving you grief, the caring part of them will be like you know what, they’re my friend and they will come to you with a peace offering obeying the laws of acceptance, forgiveness and honesty. Because honestly, a good friendship will never fall apart.


A good friend will always be the first to say:

You in the dark? I’ll be a bright light to guide you.

What do you admire about your friend?


4 thoughts on “blanket of warmth

  1. Kate says:

    I like how, whenever I text my best friend “I miss you! Get your butt back here!”, she immediately calls me and we just talk about nonsense stuff for hours. AWESOME post, Kiya! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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