Dear Reader

Dear reader,

If you’ve had an awful day, be appreciative that you’re still breathing. Sometimes the sun doesn’t shine as brightly but think of how a good night’s sleep can whisk you away to a fantasy of unicorns, winning the lottery and sailing the seven seas.

At the end of the day, you still have a roof over your head, food in your tummy, multiple people loving you unconditionally and someone thinking of you as you read. Even if it is me.

If things are terrible, and you strongly feel you cannot be appreciative at the moment, I advice you to seek support whether it be from a friend, family member or a helpline. Sometimes at the end of an awful day, you need someone to talk to – someplace safe to relieve yourself as expressively or collectively as you want.

If you’re feeling unloved, unworthy or not special, take a moment to read the following. You are wrong. Even if you feel like that, you do not realise there are at least five people who admire and care for you. Whether it be online friends, friends, the person you sit next to on the bus regularly, distant cousins or family, people do love you. Special is such an expansive adjective to use. Everyone is unaware of their talents because no one focusses on themselves. It’s all about she is so good at this, and he is amazing at that. Stop. You are just as good. You are skilled. You have talent. You are special.

Be selfish and think of yourself right now. Now comment below your talents, your quirky traits that belong only to you and feel free to link it to any sites you use to showcase your talent. I will take a look and share it in future posts. 

Don’t let all your downs wash away your hope. Likewise, don’t let a bad day sour your outlook on the whole week. Start afresh not just on this upcoming new week, but every hour, every second, every time something goes wrong. Take care.

flawed silence

16 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. faatimaishere says:

    Aww this is so true and such a lovely message.
    I would say my talents are writing, connecting with people, creative expression e.g dΓ©cor, fashion etc and also inclination to learn/expand. πŸ™‚
    Have a nice Sunday.

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    • flawedsilence says:

      Thank you so much! It’s really sweet of you to stop by and comment x

      These talents are impressive, and something special about you πŸ˜€ After heading over to your blog, I agree – you are super duper talented with writing! I love your poems, the imagery you conjure up is amazing!
      You too xo

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      • faatimaishere says:

        Ahh thank you so much:) and no problem lovely, its really nice to be able to connect with fellow writers. Keep up your work,
        best of luck,
        Faatima ❀ x

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  2. Elm says:

    You know what – you’re so fantastic! You make people feel great about themselves and that’s so lovely.
    I’m good at singing, and songwriting. I love to do it, and it makes me happy. As well as that, I’m good at descriptive writing, and writing stories and just being articulate. Finally, I can say that without feeling guilty! Thank you!

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    • flawedsilence says:

      Aw thank you so much! Your comments always make me smile πŸ˜€ I’m glad I can make people feel great about themselves; it makes me feel great knowing that.

      YES! I agree you’re more than good at singing. You’re amazing at singing! I would love to read your songs, I’m sure they’ll be beautiful. And yes, writing is such a strength of yours! Thank you!

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