But you’re not

Warning: emotional content to follow in the form of a poem.

Staring at your face
With hatred
In the cabinet mirror as you
Brush your teeth
The broken records
Of criticism and flaws 
Looping round
Until all you see is a figure of imperfection
A person you loathe
Suddenly you wonder
Things you shouldn’t wonder
The irrational fears scorch you
The over thinking burns your fuel  
You toy with the idea of existence
As all that stares back is blood shot eyes
You lower your gaze
To find a crumpled tissue
Clenched in a fist
Mind of steel
As these unwavering waves of self hatred
Sets sail through your sleep
As you clamber in
And fall asleep
To the lullaby of
I’m just a disappointment to

But you’re not.
You’re wrong –
We train ourselves to pick
Us apart;
We learn to turn our
Positives into invisibility cloaks
As we forget the traits
Every one
Else adores about us
So tonight why don’t we all
Hand in hand
Relearn to remember what it is like to
Love ourselves
Because you are you
And I am I
And no one else in the world could ever
You are not a disappointment;
You are a work in progress,
And every day you become a step closer
Towards realising
Hell yes –
I can conquer the world
You can. 
I know you can.

We all have moments when we dislike ourselves greatly, but during those times we have got to lift ourselves from that feeling. You have got to remember everything you have achieved, everything you have overcome and every compliment people have ever given you that made you stop and realise something new about yourself. We have to understand that all our flaws we spot to a microscopic level is out weighed and out balanced by our positive traits which shine with such vividness that even an angel’s halo gets jealous.  

What do you love about yourself?   

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