dolce support

Since I couldn’t alliterate support in English I decided to indirectly alliterate it. Dolce means sweet in Italian. And thus begins my post of why support is as sweet as an adorable baby’s smile.

In my dictionary support is:

The encouragement given by people to help you achieve your ambitions, but also the minute gestures symbolising that they take an active interest in your goals whether they themselves have the same passion or not. It is also heart warming out of the box things such as motivating you to try a new concept, being on the sidelines in the lashing rain (ruining their immaculate appearance) as they’re cheering you on, and knowing when to passively sit back and enjoy the show.

It’s the midnight deep talks, and 5am laughs, the endless laughs, the inside jokes and playful teasing, and the phonecalls despite the fact we saw each other an hour ago.

It’s contained in their first comment, like or tweet gushing their pride, or the thoughtful gift, or even the mile long message on that very special day.

Support is someone who helps prop you up straight when life seems to topple slightly from its 180° and things start appearing hazy. Support bursts the bubble of negativity as positivity invades. It is something a good relationship will give you, and if you don’t have a rigid wall to lean on, why are you still there?

                   And if the wall you’re providing someone else is too flexible – if you feel they’ll dive straight through it, think carefully…are you giving them your all? If you care for them, and if you were to replay your life with complete memory, would you just walk past them cause you wished you never met them? If the answer is no – I would stop and say hey, what’s up, you need to let them know you’ve got their back, and that you always will be that person to “lean on me, when you’re not strong.”

Support should come from the heart naturally; it shouldn’t be forced. Find the people you want to support, for bad support comes with a leaky vault. Out of it stems tension and feelings of dependency. Support is sweet, but only when it’s given without thought. We all need support but sometimes we’ve got to stop.

And think.

Are we supporting each other as a society just like we would want to be supported ourselves?

I think not. . .

I’m going to finish off this quite free flowing (I apologise for all the unconnecting thoughts – this post doesn’t have a good structure) post with two quotes.

I like these two quotes because they sum up the flip sides of good and bad support.

What’s your definition of support?


6 thoughts on “dolce support

  1. Kate says:

    I was tempted to answer that ‘support’ is what you call when your laptop is broken and you have no idea what to do.
    But man, you drew the sarcastic humor out of me–in a good way. 🙂 This is a really good post. Just…REALLY GOOD.

    Liked by 1 person

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