Trip down to London

Trip down to London

Hey there!

Recently (in March) I took a trip down to London in order to take photos for my art coursework. The tube wasn’t as packed as I feared and I just about survived the journey around London with a bash to the head on the metal railing inside a tube . . . perhaps I’m slightly clumsy.

My favourite part of visiting London was the walk down Southbank where people expressed their creative arts on the streets. For example, there were magicians, singers, book sales, stand up comedy and so much more. It was such an amazing experience, and there was a real sense of community and warm spirits. I had previously been here when I performed with a music group which was quite exciting as well.

I found it incredibly hard to chose a few images from the 300+ images I took. I felt like a real photographer except I lacked the talent for taking the perfect shot aha. I’ll stop rambling on and begin taking you through my photographs!

A panoramic cityscape of London’s river bank. I made it into a negative and love how the sky looks.


Tower Bridge.


A view from the Shard.


The flickering of the lights as they come on as the sky begins to darken.


Here is what most of us incorrectly call Big Ben which is the bell’s name. Instead this towering building is called The Elizabeth Tower.



Some people are so talented. This is William Shakespeare and doesn’t he look quite life like?


The London Eye sits patiently on the river bank.


Peering at St Paul’s through the branches.


Once again, the urge to be able to skateboard came back as I viewed people practice and perform their moves here. I just admire and love the graffiti. Some of the graffiti carried meaningful messages on political matters.

img_00581 (1).jpg

I fell in love with how the windows and faces were painted on. Quite clever and looked amazing.


A wood carving.


Streets like this seem so beautiful and serene to me.


This is the Shard. The view from the top is simply breath taking – we were so high up aha.


I don’t know why but I love the way the train tracks look in this photo.


I took another panoramic photo to show the difference in architecture.


To conclude, it was a thrilling day out. Maybe, I’ll post a few of my art studies from these photographs later on. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by!

If you’re from anywhere other than the UK, comment below with where you’d like to visit, and if you have been to London, what was your favourite place?





7 thoughts on “Trip down to London

  1. wordedink says:

    I live in London! And I love the Southbank equally as much, the sand sculptures are quite a usual thing to see, yet get more amazing each time. I love eating sugary donuts, going to Snog and just wandering, there is so much to do and see! The graffiti area is the skateboard place isn’t it? It’s always crowded with spectators and people skating, biking and scooter-ing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawedsilence says:

      Aha sugary doughnuts are always the best! We stopped for ice cream instead xD Ikr I wish my sandcastles looked as good as that! Yes, the graffiti area is the skateboard park – it was so amazing to watch. I wish I could pull of the stunts haha. Thank you for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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