anything is possible

This poem’s dedicated to the ones that need a gentle confidence boost that you can do anything. It’s for the ones that have been told no, be realistic. You can’t do that because I’m here to say yes, you can, if you truly want to. This poem is for you – don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from taking a chance. After all, failure is just another way to eliminate whilst striving to achieve your dreams.

Take a breath
And take a chance
A little faith, a little faith
Goes a long way
And when you believe
It feels a little achievable
In the swamp of doubt
Your mind starts believing
Your heart starts beating
Your soul stops weeping
So while you’re lost in your dreams
Let’s make the most of your imagination
For it thrives on inspiration
So let’s make the most of your hopes
And take a chance
You’ll keep what if-fing without taking the leap
The leap of faith
Anything you wish
Shut the fears away
If you couldn’t be strong
How comes you’re still standing here?
Standing here after a tough battle through life –
Don’t lie to yourself
If you put your soul into ambitions
And take a chance
You’ll find that

What are you going to make possible today?



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