even a rainbow needs a little rain

This poem is dedicated to everyone who has let things bring you down, even though later you realise you still got where you are without that perfect 100% score in maths, or a person who you thought you would be best mates with forever. You don’t need to be amazing at everything; you don’t need to be perfect in order for people to admire you. At the end of they day, if you put your 200% in, that’s all that matters. If what you do isn’t the outcome you wanted, there is time to improve, time to make a u turn, and time to ask for advise. Don’t bottle the things that bring you down. Release them and let them go.

Don’t let the weather reflect your emotions,
A bad grade or a score doesn’t make things final,
Exams don’t have to highlight your intelligence;
Instead it can prove your determination to get back up after a shock.
Likewise the bitterness of fights don’t have to hold you back,
Who said you couldn’t let go of friends
And make new ones?
The tension at home could be accepted
If you realise there’s an up then a down before an up,
Sometimes the wrong people get together,
So don’t force yourself to fall in love
If all you hear are the whispered murmurs of “they make a cute couple.”
If there is a God
Won’t he be watching over you?
And if there isn’t,
Won’t your heart know what you want?
Won’t your mind know deep down what’s right?
Everyday you may cry-
Don’t be ashamed;
Everytime you may pain-
Don’t add to the scars with a razor blade;
You’re beautiful,
You’re special,
You’re one of a kind
– there’s a reason why there’s only one copy of you.
Don’t let the world bring your shoulders down,
Don’t let the rain dampen your mood,
After all,
Even nature has its woes and joys
So chin up reader
You’ll be fine as the clouds begin to part
Remember –
Even a rainbow needs a little rain.


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