It blinks. It cries. It laughs.

It blossoms daily, and withers  nightly.

It can prance across multiple planks, and dive through several platforms.

Often it becomes out of focus from the lens,

Though sometimes everything is reflected like a mirror,

Or filtered out like lumps in flour.

Alone it  drifts away. Together it sprints astray. Trapped it becomes stronger. Trampled it bounces back up.

Yet forgotten it shatters and breaks apart.

Your life; my life; her life; his life.

Don’t hurl it away.

It may not mean anything to you, but to others cloaked by your clouded eyes, it means the entire world.

What I’m attempting to say through my poem is  that at points in your life you are at your most vulnerable and at other times you’re at your most satisfied. Even through those times you affect many people’s lives in a positive and negative way. Sometimes you’re noticed, sometimes you’re ignored, sometimes you are replayed again and again in someone’s heart. You have many moods in which you  correspondent differently to, but when you feel as if no one cares and feel forgotten and incredibly small, you’re not any of that. Your life will always remain important. We may think that when we die, that’s it, but there are many people who will be hurt by your life disappearing – your friends and family. Therefore, the poem is saying, when life is important, don’t try saving things that are not. Those things can be remembered, or brought again but someone’s life can’t be. Life lives once, and once cast aside it won’t reappear. Share the love, and make people feel welcome in your life.

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