they see no tears

Society is blind to suffering; likewise it doesn’t always promote honesty, compassion and genuine actions.

Don’t take someone’s smile for granted.



They see no tears,

So never the pain he battled through the years,

The battle scars he gains,

They don’t know what it reigns,

Even in the moment of dark,

No one understands the thoughts he feels so stark,

But when the morning comes,

His heart beat drums,

Bottling away the fear,

Hoping that way it won’t be near,

Oh the lies he believes,

To ease the way his mind heaves,

Next time you see an almost perfect figure,

Take the time to begin to disfigure,

Who they were and the tolls they took,

Because what they say and how they look,

Doesn’t really tell you anything,

It’s a facade of everything,

Oh those eyes which shine with joy,

Are you sure it doesn’t gleam with ploy,

To throw you off the sadness,

When in reality you mistake it for happiness.

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