Dear Regret,

Dear Regret,

If you didn’t exist, I would never feel guilt. I would always be plodding forwards rather than gazing back. I would never learn from mistakes; I’d never change. You’re the one that keeps me chained to reality. You inform what is right and wrong when you weigh down in my emotions.

Yet there are times when you highlight your presence too much. When you won’t leave me alone for a single second for alone me time. It is at times like this with your nagging conscience that I doubt everything. I see everything with ten different eyes.

Regret. You should learn to balance yourself, instead of tipping myself over.  Accept that what happened in the past can’t be altered. Concentrate on the fact that you can make up for it in the future. Observe that dwelling on regrets in the present isn’t moving you forwards. You’re a good thing, but too much of you can be overwhelming.

Yours Faithfully

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