Time can’t be stopped

Time can never be stopped nor paused. It can only be gained. Some days time drags on; on others it flies by. If you don’t live every moment to its fullest, later on you’ll be running out of time to relive what you should have lived years ago.

Whenever you have an inkling of a new project you want to commit to, aim to do it sooner than later. Circumstances can change, people come and go, so you’ve got to learn to grasp what you have, when you have it, and live life the way you want to.

At the end of they day you can only experience things once. The second time round, emotions change, thoughts differ. Nothing is the same forever. Infinity is a nice thought but our world is always moving, always rotating as are we.

With every second that clocks by, it presents another opportunity in which we have grown our capacity. We may be more understanding, learnt a new skill, knitted a new bond between mates, reflected on our bad traits or even came to peace with ourselves.

Whatever the reason, the truth remains the same. Every second lost is a second you can never catch again. Think wisely before throwing your life away. Time can’t be stopped nor put on rewind.


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