Power of words x negativity

Words are deep. Words have meanings. And words have the ability to root themselves poisonously in someone’s subconscious. When they’re at their all time low, words will begin creeping and slithering into their minds, tainting what confidence they have left, crumbling self esteem, and eroding their faith in themselves.

Compliments leave you feeling all bubbly and self motivated. They make you feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. Now imagine if that same compliment had a negation to it.

You’re not pretty. That wasn’t a beautiful poem you wrote. Your singing does suck.

It hurts doesn’t it? The negation empties all the joy out of your happy go lucky aura you were possessing a minute ago; you’re left feeling hollower by the second as doubt begins to edge and bleed into your mind. Paranoia weeps into your system that everyone thinks the same of you. It trickles into unease when someone catches your eye.

All it takes is one sentence. One noun, an adverb or even an adjective to imprint permanently into someone’s mind.

Fat. Ugly. Skinny. Moody. Grumpy. Pathetic.

It’s not a lengthy process. All it takes is one breath, and you no longer regain control over them. You don’t have the power to erase their memory, or give them selective hearing.

The damage is done, and in times of self doubt those very words will come ebbing in. Wave after wave, contributing to the list they have already self created. Your words will only act as a supporting actor to falsely fuelled self hate. So think before you speak. What your heart feels, your mouth doesn’t have to speak.

You’re beautiful inside and out. Whether you realise it or not, I’m here to tell you to write yourself a new dictionary. Been called desperate? Rewrite it to talented in many areas. Labeled ugly? Look at your reflection and admire the knowledge your eyes hold, the  way the light bounces of your hair, and how your lips always speak the truth.

How do you overcome negativity?



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