When the waves come crashing down in your mind, somewhere, something in you turns. Turns like a tide on the rampage. You don’t know why, or how to rise above the flood of sadness taking down your system. No one seems to understand you can’t escape the overwhelming torrent of sadness.

You turn to your phone scrolling down to that special playlist named a name which has more depth that an observer would realise. Headphones clamp down on your ears, drowning the world out – the world where everyone thinks your life is perfect when in reality you’re screaming, gasping, grasping to rise up. Rise up from this, out of the darkness and gloom.

Being down isn’t a fun experience. It isn’t enlightening either. Realising just how dark and murky your thoughts  reflecting your memories get is a harrowing trip down a corridor of forcefully closed doors. Doors which hold back tears, scars, wounds, and gushes of regrets, a hail of what ifs, and a wave of nostalgia.

So next time someone is feeling down, let then have their down time. Wrap a scarf around their neck, tie back their hair, lie on the grass next to them, or sit gazing out of the window silently next to them, sipping on a cup of coffee. Take them a cookie, make an aeroplane, or have your down time with them.

Give them a little space, hand them their earphones, find them their pencil, let them express themselves. By all means watch them, allow them to have their downtime safely, and when enough is enough, slowly pull then back to a world where they know they are loved, wanted and missed.

After all, everyone needs a  little downtime, but too much can get overbearing. Trust me


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