I pick my poison, and it’s social rankings

It really irks me when somehow whatever school you walk into you have the popular and then the downward social status castings. In some schools it may not be as relevant, but there is always this clique of people that everyone else always tries to aspire too, to get into that ranking. Why?

I find it totally acceptable to be well known in your school for the person you are, because people admire your personality and you as an individual. However I find it confusing why in the first place people that flaunt the rules, talk trash, act inappropriately somehow become idealised to the whole school. Why their reputation is so highly thought of that everyone else clambers to be like them in some way to get their approval.

The people that care about studies, hide their beauty, show compassion towards friends, have meaningful hobbies or a passion are shunned to the side and labeled as the “nerds” or “geeks”. If you don’t live a lot, aka party, show various interests in boys/girls, dress against the school code, cause drama everywhere you go for no reason, act like bitches when you feel like it, show fake kindness behind an agenda, or rarely mix with people outside your social status, you’re in some ways part of the problem. Why do we find these traits so appealing that we rise them on a golden pedestal?

Don’t get me wrong there are many popular people in schools who are genuinely well rounded, sweet and thoughtful people, real from the heart outwards. They’re just associated with the wrong people because they happen to be good friends with them. It some ways that could be a crime considering they don’t disapprove of their friends attitude (or maybe they do) but at least they themselves are their own person without having to change themselves to be well known.

If we want to change how we are all treated at school in regards of labeling,  we need to stop idolising the wrong traits, and give recognition to the people that deserve it. Not the people who morally act wrong, or have the influence to drag people into the wrong path with them. After all it’s their life, if they choose to live that way, great, but we need to minimise the impact they have on others life who don’t want to live that way. And that’s why it’s up to us to change the social rankings by treating everyone equally and altering the labels from “geek” to someone who has a passion for learning, “nerd” to aspiring to be successful in life, “loner” to enjoying one’s own company, and “goth” to having a different yet unique fashion taste.

Labels don’t define people; it’s just a reflection of how judgemental we all are, and how we just accept it as the norm.

What do you think? Where else is this ranking prominent in?


Above picture sums up my point perfectly.


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