Promises and Values

Promises are the underlying brick of creating a meaningful relationship of trust. If you can’t keep ’em, don’t make ’em.

A promise is an assurance, a pledge, someone’s word of loyalty. When you make a promise, you make a commitment to safeguard, look after, and keep to your word forever, even if the circumstances change where the relationship between you and the other turns bitter.

Although promises are of hold a great value, when you make a promise you should consider carefully whether you would be able to morally agree with it, keep it, or be at peace with it. Otherwise be truthful and state what your conscience is telling you, because let’s face it, whoever you’re telling that to will respect your honesty a million times over. They won’t have to worry about you breaking a promise, because they know you aren’t the right person to tell.

At the end of the day don’t fuel false connection into a relationship of trust. There are good promises and bad promises to make. Don’t give your word to something you know sits on the wrong side of your moral compass. Choose wisely, and remember a promise broken, is a lifetime of trust irreplaceable.  Think before you speak.


3 thoughts on “Promises and Values

  1. nitapan14 says:

    This is such a good post. It’s true. When relationships fall apart, some people, myself included, have a urge to not keep their/my word. But how is that good when you’re starting new relationships?


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