true friendship – best friends in particular

Tuesday 4th August 2015 23:11pm

I can’t say I’m someone who is incredibly amazing at socialising that everyone wants to be my friend. However I am so lucky and grateful to have the most thoughtfullest friends ever.

I will be the first to admit that I can be a handful to be around when I’m in one of my moods of let’s not talk today, or let’s just sleep today, or let’s just crazily run around or even laugh non stop for years phase. Amazingly my best friend/close friend (whatever rocks your boat) has never left my side during those times. Of course that doesn’t surprise me because that’s just who she is. She is one hell of an epic friend who will draw the knife from your back, stitch the wounds up before breaking her fist metaphorically standing up to whoever dared hurt you .  And after that, you’ll just be standing there thinking man what did one do to deserve such a wonderful friend like her.

As much as I hope she is flattered by reading what I hope she realises is a description about her, I just wanted to wrap this up on what true friendship should be like. Hopefully I live up to it too.

Firstly it should never be one sided. You must give as much as you take if not more. True friends will never have to worry about falling over because they know 100% that their friend will catch them (before their head whacks the concrete floor). In all seriousness you would know you can count on them to cheer you up, pop your ego when it’s inflated waaaay too much and tell you off when you’ve taken things too far. And if all that fails they will never let you get into trouble alone – they’ll always be there fighting to be the ones to bail you out. (I’m talking about minor offences here like detentions and badly planned pranks)

True friends are the first to fangirl together over Pretty Little Liars, have pointlessly stupid conversations involving the words “you don’t love me anymore” and a spam of random emojis, argue about how one shall be dragged to prom in pyjamas and which chocolate is like heaven. They are the ones that squabble over mugshots reminding then of cringy moments and all for living a little and playing truth or dares.

The difference between friends, good friends and true friends is that with true friends, you don’t seek to hide your flaws, past, and perfections. They will know every wound you have and a true friend will regard it as a battle scar showing you how strong one is. True friends know when to say what and know never to lie ( unless it’s a white lie regarding non life threatening situations).

You know you’ve found yourself a friend for life when you feel as if a part of you has been ripped apart when you haven’t seen their face in a week. Or maybe I’m just describing my bunch of weird yet caring friends. . . I wouldn’t have them any other way.



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