phobias – our restrictions

Wednesday 5th August 2015 08:55am

It’s alright to have fears, rational or not. It’s brave of us to attempt to overcome the roots of it to defeat its obstacles. However we must all realise that’s all it is. A hurdle. Just another thing to leap, trip and stumble over in our lives.

If we go around casting a blind eye to what makes us tremble and feel weak at the knees, then we are never going to achieve or know what the satisfaction of overcoming a phobia feels like. Just think of all the different ways you are barricading yourself and cooping your ability in by not striving to find a solution or stairway over your fear.

I’m not saying we should barge head-on into our fears nor try to get it over with by just running in with fingers crossed, hoping for a positive outcome. We have to refrain our minds from drowning us in the pit of I can never get over my phobia. No one’s asking you to. All you have to do is accept the fear and learn to adapt around it. Prepare yourself for it instead of wholly blocking the phobia out in fanciful thinking it’ll just disappear.

Don’t ignore and neglect it. Show it some tender loving care and maybe in the future you’ll have nurtured it enough to understand your phobia is not about to bring the end of the world around.




4 thoughts on “phobias – our restrictions

  1. clanton1934 says:

    “Facing-your-fears” is an a much under estimated tool ! Read Rilke’s “letters to a Young Poet” ” Sometimes the ‘Dragons’ are really fairy-princes waiting to be engaged and loved” By confronting them, one not only “slays that dragon” but exposes “new treasures” of an expanded awareness and self confidence. After all your fears are largely only an idea not a real guillotine. ccr.

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